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Pictures of Other Paper Models

Paper model cylinder cylinder


truncated cone conical frustum or tapered cylinder truncated cone conical frustum or tapered cylinder

Tapared Cylinder
(truncated cone or conical frustum)

Paper model cone paper model cone


Paper model asymmetric cone (oblique cone)

Asymmetric Cone
(oblique cone)

Paper model oval cone

Oval Cone

square cone square cone

Square Cone

square truncated cone square truncated cone

Square Truncated Cone

cubotruncated cone special cones

Cubotruncated Cone

Paper model sphericon sphericon


Paper model half sphericon Paper model half sphericon

Half Sphericon

Paper model matryoshka house Paper model matryoshka house

Matryoshka House

Paper model houses with vanishing point Paper model houses with vanishing point

Houses With Vanishing Point

Paper model globe


Paper model chevaux-de-frise


oloid oloid


half oloid half oloid

Half Oloid

quarter oloid quarter oloid

Quarter Oloid

oblique cylinder oblique cylinder paper model

Oblique Cylinder

oblique truncated cylinder paper model oblique truncated cylinder

Oblique Truncated Cylinder

Paper model football house Paper model football house

Football House

paper model Christmas tree paper model Christmas tree

Christmas Tree

hexagrammic Christmas tree paper models Christmas trees

Hexagrammic Christmas Tree

top star paper Christmas tree top star Christmas tree

Top Star Paper Christmas Tree

top star Christmas tree

Top Star Christmas Tree

icosahedron Christmas tree topper icosahedron Christmas tree topper

Icosahedron Christmas Tree Topper

conical obelisk

Conical Obelisk
(cone obelisk)

football trophy football trophy

Football Trophy

baubles christmas balls

Christmas Baubles
Number of faces: 8
Number of edges: 16
Number of vertices: 10

hybrid faceted sphericon hybrid faceted sphericon

Hybrid Faceted Sphericon

three quarter sphericon three quarter sphericon and quarter sphericon (half cone)

Three Quarter Sphericon

three quarter oloid three quarter oloid

Three Quarter Oloid

small hexagrammic Christmas tree small hexagrammic Christmas tree

Small Christmas Tree

medium Christmas tree paper trees

Medium Christmas Tree

Christmas tree 80cm Christmas tree 80cm

Christmas Tree 80cm

Other Paper Models:
Other Paper Models

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