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Pictures of Prisms

Prisms nets for making the shapes.
For nets click on the links to the right of the pictures.

Paper model triangular prism triangular prism in color

Triangular Prism
Number of faces: 5
Number of edges: 9
Number of vertices: 6

Paper model rectangular prism or cuboid rectangular prism or cuboid in color

Rectangular Prism
Number of faces: 6
Number of edges: 12
Number of vertices: 8

Paper model pentagonal prism

Pentagonal Prism
Number of faces: 7
Number of edges: 15
Number of vertices: 10

Paper model hexagonal prism

Hexagonal Prism
Number of faces: 8
Number of edges: 18
Number of vertices: 12

Paper model heptagonal prism

Heptagonal Prism
Number of faces: 9
Number of edges: 21
Number of vertices: 14

Paper model octagonal prism

Octagonal Prism
Number of faces: 10
Number of edges: 24
Number of vertices: 16

Paper model enneagonal prism

Enneagonal Prism
Number of faces: 11
Number of edges: 27
Number of vertices: 18

Paper model decagonal prism

Decagonal Prism
Number of faces: 12
Number of edges: 30
Number of vertices: 20

hendecagonal prism paper model hendecagonal prism

Hendecagonal Prism
Number of faces: 13
Number of edges: 33
Number of vertices: 22

Paper model dodecagonal prism

Dodecagonal Prism
Number of faces: 14
Number of edges: 36
Number of vertices: 24

Paper models:
concave prism
concave antiprism
other prism
Paper Models of Prisms (PDF: 850 kB)


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