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Paper Rectangular Prism

Paper model rectangular prism or cuboid Paper model rectangular prism rectangular prism or cuboid in color rectangular prism (large)

Rectangular Prism:
Number of faces: 6
Number of edges: 12
Number of vertices: 8

Rectangular Prism nets for making the shape

rectangular prism (.PDF)
rectangular prism in color (.PDF)
rectangular prism (large) (.PDF)
Print the PDF file to make the paper model.

Net Rectangular Prism (cuboid)

Net rectangular prism or cuboid in color

A rectangular prism is a box-shaped object. It has six flat sides and all angles are right angles. And all of its faces are rectangles. It is also called a cuboid. If at least two of the lengths are equal then it can also be called a square prism or square cuboid. If all three lengths are equal it can be called a cube and each face will be a square. A cube is still a prism. And a cube is one of the Platonic Solids.

volume and surface area rectangular prism (cuboid)

Rectangular prism:
Volume: V = lwh
Surface Area: A = 2( wh + lw + lh)

Paper models:
Selection of prism
Twisted rectangular prism

More information at Wikipedia: Cuboid

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