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Paper Star Dipyramids

pentagrammic dipyramid on pedestal pentagrammic dipyramid on pedestal stars on pedestals pentagrammic dipyramid on pedestal(2) pentagrammic dipyramid on pedestal(2) pentagrammic dipyramid on pedestal(2) star on hexagonal and hexagrammic pedestal

Pentagrammic Dipyramid On Pedestal:

Paper model pentagrammic dipyramid Paper model pentagrammic dipyramid aluminium foil star

Pentagrammic Dipyramid:
Number of faces: 10
Number of edges: 15
Number of vertices: 7

Paper model pentagonal star dipyramid Paper model pentagonal star dipyramid decorated pentagonal star dipyramid

Pentagonal Star Dipyramid:
Number of faces: 20
Number of edges: 30
Number of vertices: 12

Star Dipyramids nets for making the shapes

star dipyramids (.PDF)
pentagrammic star on pedestal (.PDF)
pentagrammic star on pedestal ( 2) (.PDF)
pentagrammic star on hexagonal pedestal (.PDF)
pentagrammic star on hexagrammic pedestal (.PDF)
Print the PDF file to make the paper model.

Net pentagrammic dipyramid

Definition of a Pyramid: A pyramid is a polyhedron with one face (known as the "base") a polygon and all the other faces triangles meeting at a common polygon vertex (known as the "apex"). A right pyramid is a pyramid for which the line joining the centroid of the base and the apex is perpendicular to the base. A regular pyramid is a right pyramid whose base is a regular polygon. An n-gonal regular pyramid (denoted Yn) having equilateral triangles as sides is possible only for n=3, 4, 5. These correspond to the tetrahedron, square pyramid, and pentagonal pyramid, respectively.

Visual instructions aluminium foil on paper model (example: pedestal)

1. Cut the model out and fold.
2. Unfold

3. Glue a large sheet of aluminium foil on the the model.
4. Cut the aluminium foil around the model

5. Cut the aluminium foil close to the model and fold around the paper.
6. Glue the model

Paper models:
Selection of pyramids

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