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Selection of Pyramids

Square Pyramid Cheops Pyramid Dodecagonal Pyramid
Paper Model Square Pyramid Cheops Pyramid scale: 1:2000 Paper model dodecagonal pyramid
Rhombic Pyramids Pentagonal Star Pyramid Octagonal Star Pyramid
Paper model rhombic pyramid Pentagonal Star octagonal star pyramid
Truncated Tetragonal Star Pentagrammic Dipyramid Truncated Square Pyramid
truncated tetragonal star Paper model pentagrammic dipyramid Truncated pyramid of pyramid frustum

Twisted Pyramid Compound of Two Asymmetric Pyramid Six Square Pyramids That Form a Cube
Paper model twisted pyramid Paper model compound of two asymmetric pyramid Paper model six square pyramids that form a cube
Regular Pentagonal Pyramid Hexagonal Pyramid (v2) Triangular Dipyramid
regular pentagonal pyramid Paper model hexagonal pyramid Paper model triangular dipyramid
Regular Pentagonal Dipyramid
Paper model regular pentagonal dipyramid

Paper models:
concave pyramids
truncated pyramids
Other pyramids

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